Full-time knifemaker


My name is Dario, and I am a full-time knifemaker from Croatia, Southeast Europe.

I’ve been around knives since early childhood. I made my first knife back in 2008. It was a simple knife by any criteria, made from some steel I had found in the garage. It wasn’t even heat treated.

But that was only the beginning of my journey. I spent the following years experimenting with designs, techniques and material processing, finding my own style and building a reputation in the world of knife making.


My objective, as a knifemaker, is to make the best possible knives with the currently best available materials in the world of knifemaking. I want to make a knife that you will be happy to carry every day, show it to friends and be as proud of it as I am proud of every one of my works. My workshop is a one-man show. All the knives are handmade on manual machines.


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